****   Sound Bath Session  ****

A Sound Bath Session, by multi different frequency following the important laws of sound therapy: RESONANCE and ENTRAINMENT, is a doorway to natural meditation and balance in the bio energetic layers, or subtle layers, of the human body creating a deep state of relaxation and a clear sense of harmonious balance and wellness – in addition it helps to discover “the art of listening”, bringing you into the present moment, where self healing occurs naturally.

In the Sound Bath Session Deva will present healing sounds as a doorway to natural meditation and balance in the bio energetic layers of the human body.
Designed to create a “Sound Bath” by multi different frequency facilitating the important laws of sound therapy: RESONANCE and ENTRAINMENT, the Sound Bath creates a sensory experience in which recipients are awash in sound vibrations produced by many different instruments, effectuating an atmosphere in which they will immerse in a sound-healing space, giving the opportunity to experience these vibrations throughout the subtle layers of the body.
This creates a deep state of relaxation and a clear sense of harmonious balance and wellness – in addition it will help to discover “the art of listening”, which brings you into the present moment, where self healing happens naturally.

The session is divided in 3 parts:

no Rhythm & Rhythm

to UNIFY and settle deep PEACE & BALANCE

to EXPAND what we reached

The water in the pool is a vibrating, harmonious sound frequency and you fully immerse yourself in this pool. In this immersion, your physical and etheric bodies will open until the last cells, letting the multi-harmonic tones wrapping and penetrating you, evoking a kind of atomic massage.

To intensify the effect that sound vibration principles have on our physical, ethereal and liquid bodies, this Sound Bath Session is designed with other stages included:


Sound is really important for life.
Sound is the creator of the universe.

Ours neocortex brain was created by sounds absorbed from our middle ears.
Specific sounds have the power of exploding unhealthy cells, leaving the healthy cells alive.

The sound bath consists of:
– Different techniques using the breath, body sounds and movement, to activate the vital energy and to release tension from body and mind.
Harmonizing the chakras using and directing the voice to the heart center to nourish ourselves with loving energy.
– When the body is more empty, receptive and open, and the mind more calm, the sound bath will reach deeper inside the layers of the subtle bodies.
– The multiple textures of sound and music vibrations will resonate in ourselves, giving a strong perception of the body, balancing and harmonizing chakras, meridians and the body cells, and slowing down our mind frequencies.
– Using the voice as a mantra and making a soft circular movement, we will expand the awareness created from the sound bath, to achieve a deep state of meditation.
– Unifying the group with spiral movements using the mantra AUM and focusing on the heart center.
– Ending by distributing the collective group love into our self love.

Instruments used:

15 wooden, bamboo & clay flutes
3 shamanic drums
25 Tibetan bells
21 gong plate bells
1 Earth gong 96 cm ,
1 Heart gong 152 cm,
1 Gong 80 cm ,
7 Crystal bowls
2 tambura,
Japanese koto
3 storm sound,
oceanic drum,
3 mouse harp,

water machine,
9 Solfeggio tuning forks,
hand harp,
hand pan, 14 notes,
30 percussion instruments,
5 Ocarina,
spanish Guitar,
Double metal xylophone and glass xylophone,

dream chime,
big sound wind chime,
Swinging Chime,
4 Wind Gongs,
8 Pulse Tube Chakra ,
Tubulon, specially handcrafted instrument
25 sound effects,
many more instruments …

* A Sound Bath Session requires a minimum of 2 or 3 sound facilitators and musicians.

Full session: more than 160 instruments 2:30 hours, depending on participants: 5 to 14 persons
Short session: more than 50 instruments 1:15 hour,

* or various customized versions on consultation