Sound Bed and Music Instruments



A Soundbed, or monochord (in Indian: Nidra Anantar) is a body sound instrument of 2 meters long, with 70 strings underneath, tuned in 432 Hz, that was used in therapeutic healing sound and music for centuries.

What distinguishes a Sound Healing Session by Deva from other Sound healers, is the use of an authentic Monochord or Sound Bed.

This Soundbed, or monochord (in Indian: Nidra Anantar) is a body sound instrument of 2 meters long, with 70 strings underneath, tuned in 432 Hz .
The Sound Healing Bed was especially customized in India where it is used in therapeutic healing sound and music for centuries.
The monochord is an ancient instrument invented by Pythagoras, realized through exploring music ratios and harmonics that certain intervals in music had a profound healing effect, not just on humans, but certain ratios also governed the movement of planets.
One such interval having healing properties is a perfect fifth, which the monochord uses for healing.

The strings underneath, are played on from below, half of them tuned to C sharp and the other half tuned to G sharp (a perfect fifth).
What makes this instrument extraordinary is that due to its flat top, you lie directly on top of the monochord.

The acoustic sound experience of the complex harmony and the physical perception of the vibrations have a directly stimulating effect on the body.
Harmonious sounds can arrange water molecules in a perfect pattern, healing through sounds all the way down to the cell structure!
The acoustic openings on the surface of the sound bed correspond to the chakras and the knees of the person lying on it.
As the monochord is being played, the vibration goes directly into your body.
Each cell starts to resonate with the healing harmonics of the monochord, helping the cells to come back into holistic resonance and optimum functioning as far as nature allows.
It is like having a sonic massage. You are being bathed from head to toe in healing resonance.

The vibrational transference of the proportionally designed resonator (sound bed or box) opens a complete new gate of perception of the healing and harmonizing dimension of pure sound and offers treatment and sound experience sessions to recipients.
A sound healing treatment – administered with care and individual attention – has a deep harmonizing effect and leaves the recipient without exception in a state of deep relaxation, awe and gratitude.

A Sound Bed Session
After initial preparations for an appropriate ‘tune-in‘, the receiving person lies down on the upper surface of the resonating box of the sound bed.
While the strings attached to the bottom are gently played, the magic of the sound, in its rich spectrum of overtones, unfolds and and penetrates, every cell of the body. The inherent vibrational nature of our organism is tapped and set in motion.
The experience of this ‘altered state‘ of an intensified awareness, refreshes and nurtures the whole system of the mental-emotional-physical constitution, releases blockades and traumas, regenerates and leaves an imprint of harmony and well-being as well as it deepens your connection to life and the universe.


Deva additionally uses a wide array of instruments during his sound healing sessions, such as:

40 Wooden, bamboo and clay flutes, among which quena, native, bansuri, traversa and conch flutes,


3 Shamanic drums,

35 Tibetan bells,

14 Gong plate bells,

1 Earth gong 96 cm,

10 Crystal bowls,

2 Tambura – double stringed, long neck instrument,

Japanese koto – stringed musical instrument

3 Storm sound – musical instrument that mimics the sound of storm

Oceanic drum – percussion type musical instrument recreating the soothing sounds of both rolling and crashing waves

9 Sacred Solfeggio tuning forks – designed to replicate the original Solfeggio frequencies the Solfeggio tuning forks are best used in the energy field around the body, also called subtle bodies, the biofield and the aura. These layers are invisible to most people, but some can see colors and shapes. Each energy layer in the field correlates to the resonant frequency of a particular chakra, with the Root/Base energy having an intimate relationship with the layer closest to the body (the Etheric layer), and the other layers moving out from there connecting with the Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat, Ajna and Crown chakras respectively),

Hand harp – stringed hand-held musical instrument

Shruti box (also called surpeti) is an instrument predominantly used in Indian classical music that follows the same concept as a harmonium

50 Percussion instruments,

5 Ocarina, ancient wind musical instrument, a type of vessel flute


Double xylophone,

Djembe, or jembe is a rope-tuned skin-covered goblet drum played with bare hands, originally from West Africa

Darbuka, doumbek (or tumbak), or derbeki, is an ancient Middle Eastern percussion instrument, goblet-shaped single headed hand-held-drum

Chinese Sound Stone, is played as a friction – Stone has been used to make music for thousands of years. The ‘singing’ of the stone occurs while wiping water over it.

Dream chime, produce subtle sounds of hidden metal rods inviting the imagination to listen deeper inside and ‘to see the sound’ through giving free flow to imagination and fantasy

Big sound wind chime, large deep sounding low tone bass wind chimes

Swinging Chime, unique musical instruments with precisely tuned resonating tubes from special acoustic materials

2 Wind Gongs, played with a large soft mallet and possess that authentic and true gong sound

8 Chakra Pulse Tubes, precisely tuned metal tubes

Pseltry, stringed musical instrument, appearing in many different forms and styles throughout history

Kantele, traditional Finnish and Karelian plucked string instrument

Anantar, or Indian infinite rope, a wooden sound box on which twelve strings are laid. Four strings for tanpura and 8 strings for melodic play.

Glass xylophone,

Didgeridoo. natural wooden trumpet or Yidaki “drone pipe by Indigenous Australians

Conch, or conque, also known as a “seashell horn” or “shell trumpet”, is a musical instrument, a wind instrument that is made from a seashell