**** Sound Immersion & Chakra Balancing Experience ****

The Sound Immersion and Chakra Balancing Experience provides you with an experience of “deep core” relaxation through the transforming medium of gentle sound and music. You lie down, fully dressed and eyes closed, on the sound bed, in a pleasant room, with nothing else to do but bathe in the soothing resonant sounds.

During this Chakra Sound Session Deva creates a sonic environment, using specific sound vibration by multi harmonics from curated sound healing instruments tuned in 440Hz and bridged down to 432Hz. So all instruments are attuned to the chakras in the body.
This facilitates a deep relaxation of your body and mind in which the sound harmonic and silence are able to penetrate you until the cell producing the healing process.

The vibration of the sounds penetrates your energetic body, unblocking, balancing, aligning, synchronizing and expanding the natural circular movement of your energy field, allowing it to flow freely through your meridians, nadis and chakras.

The word ‘chakra’ comes from Sanskrit, the ancient sanctified language of India, and means ‘wheel‘, identified by seers as energetic wheels of light that are constantly moving in spiral form, like small universes.
Chakras are transduction points, places where subtle energy from higher planes begins to become denser. The energy from the chakras becomes more dense as it comes into the body, becoming the acupuncture points and meridians and finally, this energy transduces into the density of the physical body.

So the chakras are connected with the spirit inside of the soul, being the energy force that nourishes the nadis and meridians (the energy pathways carrying Prana, or life force, throughout the body, connecting at the special energy points, called chakras) like veins, channeling energy and light in all your physical and subtle bodies.

The chakras are affected by the frequencies and vibrations produced by sound.
CHAKRA SOUNDS are systems of sound that work to resonate, balance and align the chakras.

There many chakras, but the most important ones are the 9 main chakras, located in the back and front of the body, from the base of the dorsal spine until the top of the head:

First, root or base chakra, located at the base of the spine and commonly called the “root” chakra. It connects us to the Earth, gives us vital information about our stability and grounding in third dimension.

Secondreproductive or sacral chakra, located in the reproductive area and commonly referred to as the “sacral” chakra. This chakra is associated with creativity, birth and tantric energy, however, it represents much more.

Third, navel or solar plexus chakra, located near the navel and often referred to as the “solar plexus.” The third chakra holds the energy of our personal and spiritual power.

Fourth or heart chakra, located in the heart and commonly referred to as the “heart” chakra. When the fourth chakra is flowing and open we feel deeply connected to everyone in our lives and are able to experience love, compassion and forgiveness for all.

Fifth or throat chakra, located in the thymus. One of the newly remembered chakras; it is known as “the Seat of the Soul.” This is the location where the Spirit enters the body and manifests itself in physicality as the soul.

Sixth, brow or third eye chakra, located in the throat area and is often called the “throat” chakra. It relates to your ability to communicate and express your ideas and visions.

Seventh or crown chakra, located in the pituitary gland. The energy of the seventh chakra can be seen within at the point between the eyebrows and is commonly referred to as “the third eye.” It is the center of insight, inner wisdom and telepathic as well as empathic abilities and is our connection to the Universe. 

Eighth, Higher Heart or thymus chakra
The eighth chakra is located in the thymus area between the heart and the throat. It works as a reflex center for higher levels of consciousness. It is It governs the thymus gland and various hormonal functions. It is associated with compassion and caring for ones-self on an emotional, mental, spiritual and physical level.

Ninth or brain chakra, located above the crown of the head, it holds our ‘soul plan and makes us receive lessons and wisdom related to our spiritual growth trajectory, through symbols and energies too subtle for the limits of language. It connects us to higher consciousness and multiple dimensions.

The voice is also used, tuning with the specific sound frequencies and sacred Chakra mantras. We will sing the correct pronunciation of the Vedic vowels of sound or Bijas, that have a very positive effect on resonance in the chakras helping to release energetic blockages in the endocrine glands organs and body systems and at the same time they stimulate the natural process of healing of the body, mind and spirit

Everything is vibration, we have the power to create our reality combining intention and Sound.
The healing forces of harmonic sounds and vibrations in combination with the mental power of intention and creative visualization have a powerful effect on the resonance that activates the balance of the chakras.

Sessions involve deep meditation with immersive sound bath and chakra balancing. The experience is transforming, balancing and relaxing, with deeper progressions available in longer sessions.

The following formula applies:

intention = visualization + affirmations, mantras and sound + trust, believe = manifestation

similar is:

frequency (SOUND)+  intention (FEELING)  = healing (SHIFTING) (healthy resonance)
vocalisation (frequency) + visualization (intention) = manifestation (Healing)


Instruments used in this session:

 21 Tibetan Bowls, Gongs planetary and wind (from 50 to 1,60 cm), 21 Gong Bells Plates 3 octaves, 7 Crystal Bowls chakra tuners, 9 Solfeggio Tuning Forks, 3 Chimes frequency  tuner on earth, fire and water.

Supplemented with the following music instruments: harp, quena, native or bansuri flute, shruti, Tambura, Japanese koto, Ocarina, clay flute, ocean drum, Shamanic drum, hand pan, chakra harmonizing tools, glass xylophone.



Full session: 1:30 hours – Short session: 45 minutes