Donna Carey, L.Ac., and Ellen F. Franklin, M.A.

“The Kairos Institute of Sound Healing was founded in Seattle, Washington, in 1997 and moved to northern New Mexico in 2001. The professionals there are the creators of the Acutonics System, and they have trained practitioners and teachers throughout the world. Acutonics is a system of vibrational sound healing rooted in Oriental medicine and philosophy that uses tuning forks and symphonic gongs tuned to the planets, Tibetan bowls, bells, drums, and rattles.”


“After years of working with sound and people, Kairos cofounder Donna Carey also brings her attention to the effect of sound frequencies on seeds. I asked the Kairos team to share what they have discovered. The following narrative is provided by Donna Carey, L.Ac., and Ellen F. Franklin, M.A.Located at 8,500 feet in a rural community in northern New Mexico, the Kairos Institute of Sound Healing, our students and teachers have been conducting experiments in the use of sound vibration to enhance agricultural production.”



“Our research has focused on the effects of sympathetic sound vibration and dimensional harmonics, in seed germination, plant pollination, fruit setting, and quality and quantity of fruit and vegetable production. Driven by the desire to create a sustainable future that would generate sufficient quantities of quality food to feed our community, we applied our knowledge of human physiology, meridians, planetary science, and sound   vibration. Our experiments in the direct application of  sound frequency to plants exceeded our wildest expectations”



“In our outdoor gardens in previous years, plant size was small, plant production was slow, and yield was minimal due to the harsh growing conditions and short season. This first domed year (2009), our season was equally short and harsh with less sun and little rain in July, which is a critical month for growing. In our experiments, we started our outdoor plants in the dome and applied sound vibration from specific tuning forks and hand chimes of the same frequency over the seedlings.”


“The outdoor harvest was far superior to prior years!In the dome, the plant growth was otherworldly. People who saw them wondered if we were feeding steroids. Many of the tomato plants grew 8 to 10 feet in height, squash plant leaves were over 3 feet in diameter, and both summer and winter squash and all varieties of tomatoes have been extraordinarily prolific.”

“Our experiments focused on the use of planetary tuning forks and chimes that are tuned to the frequency of Mars and Venus, which when combined, create a musical 5th. The frequencies we work with are derived through science and mathematics—Kepler’s calculations of planetary rotations, as well as through research on the effects of planets on human physiology.6Functionally, the vibrations of the tuning forks, when activated close to the flowers, generate a field that simulates the fluttering or movement of the bees.”

“Growing plants in an indoor environment presents unique challenges in the area of pollination, biosphere management, and creating and maintaining an ecosystem in which plants can thrive, grow, and produce.”

“Our work with sound and agriculture draws heavily on the principles of, understanding that the nature of a plant is in direct correspondence to the nature of a human, and that plants, planets, and humans share a deep and profound connection to the earth, where one mirrors the nature of the other”

“All of our experiments incorporated our knowledge of Sacred Geometry, Sympathetic Vibratory Physics, and the Acutonics approach to optimal health, which draws on the art and science of sympathetic resonance, and our profound relationship to the archetypal, mythic, and correspondent qualities of the planets.Our experiments with plants indicate that the same basic principles can be applied to the physiology of plants. There was more than 97 percent fruit production from flowers using this technique, and many of our plants continue to flower and produce. The growing sequences and maturation of the plants were also enhanced through the use of the symphonic planetary gongs.* The application of tuning forks was a highly specific approach to enhance pollination. The gongs used represent three cycles (frequencies) of the Earth, the four seasons, the Earth spinning on its own axis, and the Earth going through its precessional cycle. The use of the gongs supported the entire agricultural process creating a sound harmonic of the earth itself in the growing dome to enhance the growth of the plants, and to establish daily, seasonal, and extended cycles.These protocols are based on the way we work with people: 25 seconds, applied 3 times, in the field of the seeds to germinate and then over the flower of the plant to pollinate, in the way a bee would, the vibration of the tuning forks and gongs enhance pollination.”



“The use of sound vibration in the dome was highly successful. Germination, pollination, and taste of the produce exceeded all projections. Because our office and gardens are located in an ancient caldera with numerous underground springs, it is not possible to generate a double blind study where some plants receive sound vibration and some don’t. Even our attempts, which focused largely on the use of sound in the dome, resulted in our outdoor gardens producing at record levels. Although many seeds were started in the dome—based on our record keeping from prior years, when sound vibration was not used—it is clear that productivity and quality of our produce has been greatly enhanced through the application of sound, even given the distance between the dome and our outside gardens. We believe there is tremendous potential to improve the yield, quality of produce, and pest management through the applications of sound. This may well be the future of agriculture.”

“One of our students, experimenting with sound and wine production in Napa Valley, California, is also having exceptional results.”

“We hope to identify other opportunities to directly compare productivity differences between plants that receive sound frequency and those that don’t.When you consider the beneficial use and application of sound frequency to agriculture, it is clear that future use of intentional sound vibration has enormous potential in all aspects of human and planetary health.”


“The power of sound”

Joshua Leeds